Arena Rex "Let The Games Begin" League The Battle Standard CONNECTICUT


September 18, 2017 @ 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm America/New York Timezone
Corey Frampton
Game Name
Arena Rex - Let The Games Begin

COME ONE, COME ALL! …and welcome a new miniature game to The Battle Standard’s fold by joining us for our inaugural season of pit-fighting excitement as we host our “Let The Games Begin!” Arena Rex event.  This six week long introductory league will feature beginner-level combat and scenario play with each week being one full day of traditional roman games.  We will host a variety of matches from straight forward weapon-on-weapon execution to he who flings more bodies into the pit is the victor!  Will the roar of the crowd be your goal as you become the last man standing?  There will be beasts from exotic lands and monstrous creatures of myth and legend to impede your path.  Can you triumph against all that is meant to end you?  Let the games begin!


  • The league is going to be run as a series 6 Festivals (once per week)
  • Each Festival will have it’s own specially themed Contests.
  • Each player will be scheduled for a Contest which will include one scheduled match and then the option to challenge up-to 3 opponents of the player’s your choice for additional points.
  • Once the points are tallied for those Contests, a victor will be crowned for that Festival.
  • There will be a named Champion of the Arena at the conclusion of the 6 Festivals.
  • The first Festival is called Ludi Vexillium Proelio, (translation: “The Battle Standard Games”)

This is a new game making its organized-play debut at The Battle Standard.  It includes a low model count, is fast paced, and is an exceptional example of an easy-to-join miniatures game.  Join us and our brand new, rapidly growing community of Arena Rex players for Let The Games Begin!