Guild Ball Game Day The Battle Standard CONNECTICUT


April 16, 2018 @ 1:00 pm – 11:00 pm America/New York Timezone
TBS Sales Team
Game Name
Guild Ball Game Day

Join us every Monday for Guild Ball!


Mob football is a game generally played between neighboring towns and villages on feast days (hence the popularity). Players on opposing teams clash to control a leather-wrapped inflated pig’s bladder and attempt to kick it into the opponent’s goal. Over the years, rudimentary leagues and tournaments have sprung up; there have even been some national level games between some city states.

The powerful Guilds of the land have taken advantage of the huge popularity of the sport as another means to control the masses. They invested vast sums of money; creating professional Guild sponsored teams and structured leagues. The public went crazy as the game was elevated to new heights of spectacle. Guild Ball was born amidst a blaze of interest and publicity and with it, a whole new business and revenue stream for the Guilds. Games are now played out in front of vast crowds of fans, whilst behind the scenes the results can mean fortunes are won or lost on the kick of a ball.

> Fast Resolution Hit System…

Guild Ball’s core dice engine is designed to be fast and easy to perform, makes the game silky smooth to play. Using classic D6’s with an intuitive dice pool system, hit resolution is lighting fast with minimal computations.

> Playbook…

Whilst the hit resolution system is fast and intuitive, the playbook allows for a huge variety of outcomes to each dice roll. You decide the in-game effect you need to deliver success…if you get enough hits of course!

> Kicking/Passing…

We’ve designed Guild Ball to encourage kicking and passing the ball. The game actively rewards you for doing so, which results in a fast paced dynamic game flow. Like all our game mechanics, kicking the ball is fast and simple to do.

> Influence System…

Guild uses a resource management called Influence to control actions and movement each turn. This leads to an intense bluffing and counter-bluffing meta-game as well as a need for deep risk management and turn planning.

> Momentum System…

Guild Ball features a unique system that reflects the ebb and flow of a football match. As players perform and achieve in-game actions they generate Momentum which can in turn be spent on triggering special ‘plays’, shooting at goal or out of turn reaction moves. Any momentum left over at the end of the turn translates into a massive advantage on determining initiative the following turn.

> Combo Play…

Guild Ball models are carefully designed to play off and feed into each other. Clever players will discover a huge depth of strategy available to them, which will be reinvigorated each and every time a new model is added to the Guild’s roster of choices.


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