MAGIC: The Gathering - "COMMANDER 4 COIN" PLAY The Battle Standard CONNECTICUT


March 13, 2018 @ 1:00 pm – 11:00 pm America/New York Timezone
$5.00 (Initial buy-in)
TBS Sales Team

 Commander 4 Coin


The Battle Standard’s Official MTG Event Series for the Commander Format

Magic: The Gathering Commander 4 Coin is an easy, welcoming, yet still competitive way to play the Commander format for all levels of player.  The system focuses only on multiplayer pods with NO pitted matches.  This allows you to choose your own opponents based on your opinion of their play-style, demeanor and level of play.  This allows the community to equalize the field of play and create a fun and welcoming environment for everyone!  This competition does contain regular rewards per match played and monthly prizing!  We invite you to join us for this rich entertaining format invented and tested right here in East Windsor, CT at The Battle Standard Tabletop Game & Hobby!


  1. Start by purchasing your coins.  $5.00 will get you six (6) coins.  Five (5) gold coins & one (1) silver coin.
  2. Six (6) coins will allow you to play three (3) or more rounds of Commander (2 coins per game) which a typical amount of rounds for most tournament style play.
  3. Choose your opponents!  From the folks participating in COMMANDER 4 COIN, choose two (2) or more people to form a pod of three (3) or more total.
  4. All players must shuffle their decks and offer a cut to a player at the table.  If that person passes, others may choose to cut.  A legal COMMANDER FOR COIN cut is 10+ cards deep, no less.
  5. Players submit one (1) coin of a color of their choosing to the center of the table.  This is the Ante Coin.
  6. Players then place a second coin of their choosing by their Library.  This is the Library Coin
  7. Players draw their hands.  After the first card is drawn by each player the game is “Locked“.  Once a game is Locked, walking away from the table for any reason results in a forfeit of ALL COINS submitted for play in that pod.  Library Coins left behind are entered into the center of the table as secondary Ante Coins.
  8. The Mulligan rules are as follows and take place AFTER the game is Locked
    1. Your first (1st) mulligan is free at no penalty and requires no revealing of cards.
    2. Your second (2nd) mulligan must be revealed and show a single (1) land or no lands.
    3. Your third (3rd) and all consecutive mulligans are at a penalty of one (1) less card draw and are cumulatively one (1) less card draw based on the amount of mulligans you perform after the third (3rd).
  9. Players each take turns rolling the same single die to see who starts first.  High roll has choice but may pass to the left if desired.  This would continue until reaching the original high roll player at which point he/she MUST go first.
  10. Players MUST track the turn order counting the amount of times everyone has taken their turn as one (1) Round.
  11. Once the game reaches Round six (6) the table is considered “Live“.  A Live table means that Library Coins can then be claimed by eliminating opponents.
  12. Players that take any single opponent out of the game AFTER THE TABLE IS LIVE receive that opponent’s Library Coin.  Else the eliminated opponent leaves the table and retains their Library Coin but NOT their Ante Coin.
  13. Players that remain until everyone else has been eliminated claim the Ante Coin pool in the center of the table.
  14. Games that do not make it to Round six (6) results in players retrieving their own Library Coins and the remaining player collecting the Ante Coins.


  • All GOLD coins are equal to $1.00 in Store Credit and may be turned in for merchandise, condensed to a gift card, or saved for later play at any time.
  • All Silver Coins are worth Leader-board points which can be turned in toward your overall game score in the store.  One (1) silver coin is worth one (1) Leader-board point.
  • On the first (1st) of every month we will award the Leader-board highest points holder with the title of Master of Coin along with a prize table choice. (One of two items)
  • The second (2nd) points leader will be granted the title of Cut Purse and receive the remaining table item.


Look to our Facebook fan group for more interested players!