Star Wars Armada Imperial Academy League The Battle Standard CONNECTICUT


March 14, 2018 @ 4:00 pm – 10:00 pm America/New York Timezone
Dan Kinne
Game Genre
Star Wars Armada Imperial Academy League

“So, this is what passes for academy recruits these days? I suppose you’ll have to do. My name is Instructor K’nay, and it is my job to turn you worthless sots into proper officers of the Imperial Navy. Let us start at your level. This is what is called a ‘starship’. . .”

Come join us at The Battle Standard for our Star Wars Wednesday kick off event, Star Wars Armada Imperial Academy League! Be a member of our first graduating class from the Imperial Academy. We will focus on the basics of the game mechanics, fleet building and an introduction to competitive play.

The league will run for five weeks, from 2/28 until 4/3, and be followed with a tournament for league members in early/mid-April (date TBD). Here are the league specifics:

– Play will start at 200 points for Week One, increase to 300 for Week Two, and 400 for Week Three and after
– League nights will be Wednesdays, but players can arrange games at other times at their convenience
– Players are required to play a minimum of four games during the league to be eligible for graduation (prizes), with a maximum of one recorded game per week
– Entry is $15.00, which covers your “Shop Here/Play Here” during the league and covers the cost of our prize kits and other prizes
– Player record during the league will determine round pairings at the follow-up tournament

If you have any additional questions, please post them on the TBS Facebook community page, and I, Instructor K’Nay, will gladly answer them for you!