D&D5e THE MARCH LIVING CAMPAIGN: Haven (An Intro Session) The Battle Standard CONNECTICUT


December 22, 2019 @ 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm America/New York Timezone
$5.00 Purchase To Play
Aaron Weaver
The March - Adventures in Haven
You eagerly step onto the dock, a solid piece of construction by the looks as it appears not to move at all in the wake below. Despite your insides still swaying, a distinct lack of back-and-forth, to-and-fro beneath your feet causes a much welcome upturn and show-of-teeth, just off to the corner of your mouth.  It was a long journey, or so it felt.  A good meal, a tankard of ale, a warm bed…all welcome fantasies overdue to be realized. You stand tall, inflated with smells of an ocean breeze you have been all too overwhelmed by, now assaulted by the aromas of city living, roasting meats, and fresh baked breads.  Eyes gently closed, now and smiling uncontrollably ear-to-ear, you are ready to take on the… “OUT OF THE WAY ALREADY!” yammers a dwarf as wide as he is tall.  He shoves you aside causing you to stammer just shy of sending you into the salt-marsh below!  You struggle for a moment to keep your calm then come to grips with the fact that you are too tired to be enraged. A deep breath later, you begin walking toward the buildings on the shoreline. No sooner than when your feet first leave wood to hit the earth below them, your ears are assaulted by a crier of exceptional skill, “Oi there!  C’mon now!” shouts the man in his finely plumed hat, yet mucked to his groin.  “Lookin’ for a bed are ya? C’mon I’ll take ya. The Battle Standard Tavern & Inn is where ya wants to be,” he states with complete confidence. “Keep up and I’ll show ya the way. Before long you’ll be bathed and singing shanties with the local folk!”

What is “Adventures in Haven”?

This session is recommended for those players new to D&D, new to D&D 5e, or just new to The March.  Each session begins with new character’s arrival and first experiences in Haven. Return players will join up with new players and make acquaintance at The Battle Standard Tavern & Inn. After meeting, characters can choose a direction to explore, an adventure lead provided, or just mingle with the locals. This session ranges from levels 1-3. Players may build characters beforehand using the Point-Buy system in the D&D 5e Player’s Handbook.  All written material produced by Wizard’s of the Coast is currently accepted however if you are unsure we ask you to please inquire.

We hope to see you in The March!

Part of The March Living Campaign, an interconnected federation of D&D 5e Campaigns and Open Exploration at The Battle Standard Tabletop Game & Hobby.

THE MARCH LIVING CAMPAIGN is a completely original Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition world of unique characters, lands, and adventures created by the staff and players of The Battle Standard Tabletop Game & Hobby. The goal of The March is to create and maintain a world that is open and undiscovered until players reveal it themselves. With ideas borrowed from West March-style play, players are encouraged to join us for as many or as few sessions as they feel comfortable. Each session begins and ends in thriving city of Haven meaning each session may include the same, some of, or an entirely new adventurers than the last.

New to The March? Click HERE to see when our next Adventures in Haven intro session is taking place. Experience a welcome to the game from the session that’s designed to explain it all!

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