April 9, 2020 @ 6:00 pm – 10:30 pm America/New York Timezone
$5.00 Purchase to Play
Joe Blackwood
Game Genre
The March - Madeira

Far and away from the cobblestone streets of Haven lies The Greatwood, the sole location the highly prized Siela tree. These massive trees engulf the sovereign land of Madeira where, nestled high above the dangers below, resides the canopy refuge of Neiskas.  The recently inaugerated Suzerain of Neiskas has uncharacteristically reached beyond their borders with a plea for urgent assistance. This undiscovered frontier evokes curiosity and this Madeiran cry for help begs the attention of those seeking fame and fortune as well as those do-gooders looking to answer the call.  After many lifetimes of seclusion the “people” of Madeira are now revealed and it will take heroes from outside their homeland to relieve these tensions.

Part of The March Living Campaign, an interconnected federation of D&D 5e Campaigns and Open Exploration at The Battle Standard Tabletop Game & Hobby.

THE MARCH LIVING CAMPAIGN is a completely original Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition world of unique characters, lands, and adventures created by the staff and players of The Battle Standard Tabletop Game & Hobby. The goal of The March is to create and maintain a world that is open and undiscovered until players reveal it themselves. With ideas borrowed from West March-style play, players are encouraged to join us for as many or as few sessions as they feel comfortable. Each session begins and ends in thriving city of Haven meaning each session may include the same, some of, or an entirely new adventurers than the last.

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